November 2, 2010


Hi there!
Yumii here, thanks for checking out my blog!

This site of mine is a place where I post reviews, short summaries, news and other things that got to do with eroge, yaoi and otome games.

Be aware that my english skill is not perfect and I apologize for my sometimes poor and lazy writing. I hope you still can enjoy the site or at least find some useful information~

This girl here on the right somewhat became my mascot. She is one of the characters from an eroge called Flyable Heart which I recommend to all of you!

In short, try not to take anything on the blog to seriously, it's all good fun. I'd love to share links if you also got a visual novel related blog. Comments asking for download links will be removed or ignored. Hope you enjoy your stay! (o´ω`o)ノ


Anonymous said...

Hello, I found some info on the net saying you have translations of CD Drama for Lucky Dog? The Spring Chance, Summer Chance..etc? Do you have translations? or you know where I can get so?

Yumii said...

Yeah I translated them some months back and posted them here, before turning the blog into a Visual Novel blog only. They are avalible at Aarinfantasy forum :) Hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Do you still have it here? I'm having trouble finding it in Aarinfantasy.

Yumii said...


Here you go~

lee woo said...

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lee woo said...

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andrea chiu said...

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Cindy Dy said...

You are an awesome blogger. This is one of the best blog I had visited so far. Hope to read more post from you in the future. Keep it up. God bless.


Shakti said...

HI Yumi, I am a journalist for US based outlets and wanted to reach out to see if I can possible interview you regarding the web boyfriend culture. Would you be available? Actually I live in Ikebukuro near Otome. Thank you!

Shakti said...

You can google me and retrieve my email address from there. Thank you!

Justyna Pustelnik said...


I'm the creator of a BL/yaoi visual novel called Sentimental Trickster. Would you consider playing my demo? You can download it here:

or here:

The game is currently on Kickstarter and has recently been funded. Now I'm trying to get to the stretch goals. When I was making Sentimental Trickster, I tried to go against the usual yaoi cliches. The protagonist might look cute and silly, but he has guts. Some of my backers said he’s a bit similar to Aoba from dmmd. You might like him :) I also experimented a little bit with the choices mechanics. I’d love to hear your opinion, it would mean a lot to me!

Best regards!

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