October 11, 2012

Otome & BL news 11/10

Brother's Conflict (or Bro-Con for short) is getting an anime! Not much information have been released yet so we will have to wait. Crossing my fingers for a good studio to animate it.

Karin Entertainment Sherlock Holmes otome game will be released on March 7th, 2013. The website finally opened after such a long wait and I'm really excited to play the game.

TAKUYO open the website for their new PSP game 月影の鎖 -錯乱パラノイア.  The slogan is "Would you still love me..?"
My first impression is very good. I love the colors and the character designs!

New Rejet title called Ken ga Kimi.
As usual Rejet shine by choosing the most inspiring and wonderful BGM and soundtrack to the game.

Anime designs of the bishonens in Amensia are out.
I think they manged to capture each guy's style pretty good.

Why not grab a new PSP theme and wallpaper? Diabolik Lovers are celebrating the release of the game with some handsome vampires for your PSP. And while your on the website, don't forget to vote for your favorite boy in the poll.

Otomate's new game Shiratsuyu no Kai will be somewhat of a horror game.
The setting is an old japanese Shrine and there will be supernatural elements. The music on the website is enough to make me shiver.

Hinano did a research on how much you really have to pay in the end to play those "different routes per game" VNs. It's ridiculous how Japan is trying to rip-off the poor customers. I don't hate the idea of paying money per route but if so it better be at a reasonable price!

August 21, 2012

Otome & BL news 21/8

The new Arcana famiglia spin-off mini game website opened.

Confidential Money got new CGs and so did Diabolik Lovers.

Voice samples and more information about the Quinrose game 24 ji no Kane to Cinderella Halloween Wedding.  I have to admit that I had zero interest in the game before but after playing Oumagatoki and seeing the cast I really want to buy this  (*´・v・)

FD for VitaminZ teaser site has been published.

Seems like Otomate took inspiration from the Fate/ series because their newest game is Princess Arthur. Trailer looks good even though I can't ignore how similar Lancelot looks to the Fate/ interpretation.

Another newly announced title from Otomate is NORN9. The wikipedia article and trailer hints that there will be three heroines. I'm a sucker for Nordic mythology so this is right up my alley.

OZMAFIA finally updated and added voice samples to some of the characters.

CG update for Love is not bound by any rules! This game looks so good, I can't wait to get it! (*°∀°)=3

Yaoi game Taisho Mebiusline got a release date: December 21st. Let's hope they don't postpone it anymore.

Fandisk Omerta: Code TYCOON teaser website opened.

Upcoming 18+ otome game Koezaru ha Akai Hana released a trial version. The game will be released next month.

Glass Heart Princess will be in stores 11/29.

The new Amnesia game got it own website. Shin as the protagonist this time?

I'm guessing the Arabians Lost remake sold pretty good because now a sequel/FD is coming. The new installment is called Arabians Doubt and will be available next year.

Witch's Garden is one of the first games uses a new technique called E-mote which makes the characters look animated and much more alive. (Sample can be seen here)
Will all visual novels looks like this is the future? I certainly wouldn't mind. Hopefully some company will try this out on otome games too. Otomate maybe?

August 18, 2012

Game review: Oumagatoki ~ Kaidan Romance

Made by: Quinrose
Genre: Otome, Romance, Comedy, Occult, School
Summary: Shizuka is an ayakashi, a descendant of a great and powerful water spirit. She and her ghost friends hang out around school at night when the humans are asleep to pass time. Her after-life becomes a lot more interesting when she meets a bunch of new friends and even fall in love.

August 4, 2012

Otome & BL news 6/8

PSP Otomate game Amnesia is getting an anime. The website opened today and like most of you I'm pretty excited. A sequel was also announced and planned release is 2013.

Honeybee's new project Heart Supplement teaser website is now open.

Quinrose Oumagatoki is getting a sequel. The popular PSP game not only got a spin-off but now also a new game.

The Hakuouki anime is getting dubbed in English, which the people seem very happy about. Not gonna comment anymore on that.

First CG is up on Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope-.

Popular Nitro+Chiral BL Togainu No Chi game now have a 100% complete and working English patch ready to use. The hard working ladies over at Aarinfantasy forum called "Yaoiforever" released it and any questions about the patch, help, download and etc goes here.

More information about upcoming games and drama CDs DoubleScore.

I actually didn't know before but the heroine for upcoming Otomate game Genroh is only 12 years old! As expected it's rated Cero B and I expect they won't even have any romantic implication or otherwise we will all be going to jail ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

The butterfly game series from popular drama CDs creators  Black Butterfly will not only include one guy per game, but also a teasing guy who tries to charm you. Sounds like a perfect set up for a love triangle.

Aoba from DRAMAtical Murder is getting a figurine. The company Max Factory will make it and a prototype was displayed during Wonderfestival.

A fandisk have also been announced for the game. The title is Dmmd re:Connect  and will take place after the first game. It will be a mix of mini games and normal VN. More information will be reveled in this month's Cool-B.

Idol boys Otoya and Tokiya from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ are also getting made into figures. Wonderfestival had a strict no-photo rule, but somebody manged to snap a picture of them.
Not that bad.

Spray is celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the BL game Gakuen Heaven. Special wallpapers are available.

July 17, 2012

Otome & Bl news 17/7

Yet another Alice game to add to the series, this time it's Diamond version. New characters are White Queen, Black Rabbit among others.

A second fandisk for Arcana Famiglia game is in the making. This time it's a mini-game collection with all the characters, taking place at a festival in Regalo. More information to come!

Isshoni Gohan have been delayed until 2013. I'm pretty frustrated by this actually, as the game seems to be promising.

Rejet is releasing an artbook with the popular boys from Tokyo Yamanote Boys. It goes by the title FAIRYTALE ILLUSTRATIONS and will be for sale by the end of august with the price tag 3,150yen.

Update for Diabolik Lovers. The manga seems pretty well-received and the heroine not all that bad.

More information about the system in Glass Heart Princess. I used to be sceptical about this but now I'm actually looking forward to it. The alien (?) guy is my favorite so far.

Nitro+Chiral is releasing a DRAMAtical Murder anthology manga. You can order it here.

Rejet opened a website especially for the BWS soundtrack. The first CD will be out august 29

CG update over at OZMAFIA. God damn, Caesar is a badass AND tsundere? Will my poor heart survive this?

Hyakki Yakou got a CG update recently.

Twitter icons and wallpapers up for download over at upcoming BL game Si-Nis-Kanto

Karin is releasing a dakimakura featuring the protagonist of the yaoi game Omerta, JJ. I wonder if it's exclusively for Comiket or if they will sell it online too?

From the looks of it eroge company Liar-Soft seem interested in publishing their games in English.
A new website opened containing information about their popular steam-punk "What a wonderful...". series. The site is in both Japanese and English and the creators talk to the English fanbase how the games have setting in Europe and how they would like them to play their games in English one day.