August 21, 2012

Otome & BL news 21/8

The new Arcana famiglia spin-off mini game website opened.

Confidential Money got new CGs and so did Diabolik Lovers.

Voice samples and more information about the Quinrose game 24 ji no Kane to Cinderella Halloween Wedding.  I have to admit that I had zero interest in the game before but after playing Oumagatoki and seeing the cast I really want to buy this  (*´・v・)

FD for VitaminZ teaser site has been published.

Seems like Otomate took inspiration from the Fate/ series because their newest game is Princess Arthur. Trailer looks good even though I can't ignore how similar Lancelot looks to the Fate/ interpretation.

Another newly announced title from Otomate is NORN9. The wikipedia article and trailer hints that there will be three heroines. I'm a sucker for Nordic mythology so this is right up my alley.

OZMAFIA finally updated and added voice samples to some of the characters.

CG update for Love is not bound by any rules! This game looks so good, I can't wait to get it! (*°∀°)=3

Yaoi game Taisho Mebiusline got a release date: December 21st. Let's hope they don't postpone it anymore.

Fandisk Omerta: Code TYCOON teaser website opened.

Upcoming 18+ otome game Koezaru ha Akai Hana released a trial version. The game will be released next month.

Glass Heart Princess will be in stores 11/29.

The new Amnesia game got it own website. Shin as the protagonist this time?

I'm guessing the Arabians Lost remake sold pretty good because now a sequel/FD is coming. The new installment is called Arabians Doubt and will be available next year.

Witch's Garden is one of the first games uses a new technique called E-mote which makes the characters look animated and much more alive. (Sample can be seen here)
Will all visual novels looks like this is the future? I certainly wouldn't mind. Hopefully some company will try this out on otome games too. Otomate maybe?


Usagi said...

Do you plan to play Koezaru Ha Akai Hana? I feel like the only one who's really, really excited about the game. The heroine is really badass from what I've seen her act in the trial so far. xD

Yumii said...

I just finished the trial minutes ago and it was above my expectations. I liked Nala's seiyuu and her character. The music was also nice.
It's just the whole "I'll put you in your place by raping you"-theme I can't take.

Hinano said...

Not gonna lie that emote thing creeps me out. It's the reason I have trouble getting into tokimemo GS3 lol

Yumii said...

Lol really? I think it's pretty cool. Might not be as impressive after awhile though. Haven't played any TokiMemo games yet(I suck at stat-raisers OTL)

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