July 17, 2012

Otome & Bl news 17/7

Yet another Alice game to add to the series, this time it's Diamond version. New characters are White Queen, Black Rabbit among others.

A second fandisk for Arcana Famiglia game is in the making. This time it's a mini-game collection with all the characters, taking place at a festival in Regalo. More information to come!

Isshoni Gohan have been delayed until 2013. I'm pretty frustrated by this actually, as the game seems to be promising.

Rejet is releasing an artbook with the popular boys from Tokyo Yamanote Boys. It goes by the title FAIRYTALE ILLUSTRATIONS and will be for sale by the end of august with the price tag 3,150yen.

Update for Diabolik Lovers. The manga seems pretty well-received and the heroine not all that bad.

More information about the system in Glass Heart Princess. I used to be sceptical about this but now I'm actually looking forward to it. The alien (?) guy is my favorite so far.

Nitro+Chiral is releasing a DRAMAtical Murder anthology manga. You can order it here.

Rejet opened a website especially for the BWS soundtrack. The first CD will be out august 29

CG update over at OZMAFIA. God damn, Caesar is a badass AND tsundere? Will my poor heart survive this?

Hyakki Yakou got a CG update recently.

Twitter icons and wallpapers up for download over at upcoming BL game Si-Nis-Kanto

Karin is releasing a dakimakura featuring the protagonist of the yaoi game Omerta, JJ. I wonder if it's exclusively for Comiket or if they will sell it online too?

From the looks of it eroge company Liar-Soft seem interested in publishing their games in English.
A new website opened containing information about their popular steam-punk "What a wonderful...". series. The site is in both Japanese and English and the creators talk to the English fanbase how the games have setting in Europe and how they would like them to play their games in English one day.


Anonymous said...

I'm really excited for the WAB's translation project and will be postponing my order on the Japanese version ones, in case they'd really get into the idea (assuming it receive overwhelming support).

I get a feeling Arcana Famiglia is following Hakuouki's and UtaPri's footsteps with numerous mini-games FDs. Oh well... I'm not too keen on this selling technique. ^^

Anyways, thank you for the update!

Yumii said...

The thing I liked about Arcana though is that Hunex website always had the 3 mysterious "To be announced" - logos. One that turned out to be the fandisk, one for the anime and one for the second fandisk. Now that they're all completed I think they are done with the series. They planned this a long time ago when starting the project.

But yeah, I agree with you, too much spin-offs and ridicilous merchandise does drag any brand down.

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