November 5, 2010

Game review: Starry☆sky - In spring

Made by: Honeybee
Genre: Otome, School, Romance
Summary: The main character is Tsukiko Yahisa (but you can change her name) and each of the guy in the game represents one of the 12 zodiacs. You and your two childhood friends Tohzuki and Nanami goes to Seigetsu Gakuen, an astronomy school. One day a transfer student named Yoh Tomoe from France comes and everything changes!

Suzuya Tohzuki
He is one of your childhood friends and is your typical "big brother". But deep down, he have always had deeper feelings for you, just waiting for the right moment to confess. But the years passed and Tohzuki ended up holding his feelings in. He was, at least, until Yoh came. His sign is cancer.

I really like Suzuya and his seiyuu is Daisuke Ono, my favorite~
He takes care of everyone and always worries about you in secret. He is the type of character you just wanted to hug and say "I'ts okay, you don't need to take responsibility for everything"
His CGs were pretty nice even if there wasn't a lot of them.

Kanata Nanami
He is loud, noisy, brat, short-tempered, tsundere, kuudere, crybaby, sweet, romantic, and my favorite character in the game. I won't spoil much, but it's more to him then meets the eye. He likes taking photos and is scared of ghosts. His sign is pisces.
His seiyuu is Nanami Kanata who does a good job, but nothing special. His route had the concept "Are these feelings love or friendship?"

I was really really disappointed with his CG. The poses were awkward and they never lasted long.

Yoh Tomoe
He is the transfer sudent  from France who comes and sweeps the main character off her feet. (not really). His sign is capricorn.
In the beginning of the game he have a bad attitude and only cares about being with you, so his route is mainly focused on realizing the importance of friendship.


Surprisingly not alot of choices in this game and there are really few CGs for each character. Starry sky is famous for their awful engrish and reading the menus made me laugh. I like the character info where you can read about the characters and so on.

Final Score:

Story 5/10 A
normal school-life game. The fact that they are the constellations isn't noticeable except the fact that their personality matches.You are left with the feeling that you wish there was more to it.

Nice little tunes, but nothing more than that.

Art 7/10
Beautiful, but some poses looked weird and their eyes looks a bit droopy at times.

Voices 8/10

Starry Skys strong point is definitely the voice actors. Daisuke Ono and the others does a great job.

Total: 6/10
Nice game that could improve on some things. I know this is the first in the Starry Sky series, and the other games are different. If you never played an otome-game before, this is a great one to start with.


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thanks for the review! you're right! i just finished this and was my first otome game ever wwww

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