December 3, 2010

First impression - Ijiwaru My Mater

Made by: Sugar Beans
Genre: Otome, 18+, Romance, Fantasy
Summary: When a classmate gives Kurumi a blue rose necklace, she is transported to a fantasy world where she becomes a maid. How will she get back to her real world? And what happens when she starts falling in love?
Note: First impression means I've only finished a few routes and not all the endings.

Final Score:
Story 4/10
Well, I only played Leons and Eins route (all endings), but there wasn't really anything there. Leon story is about a curse that only could be cured by sleeping with a virgin (oh, poor Kurumi) and in Eins route he went crazy half way through. There was a lot of H-scenes and most of them was rape, which I'm not really okay with.

Music 7/10
The menu music is really nice and the "sad moment"-song was my favorite. Too bad I can't find the soundtrack anywhere.

Art 6/10
To be honest, I think all Sugar beans games look the same. The eyes and character design (compare My Master to Under the moon or Riddle Garden and you won't be able to tell which character belong to which game). The backgrounds and environment were fine and I really liked the blue rose garden at the castle.

Voices 5/10
Kurumi voice is by Natsuno Koori whom sounded cute but for the most part it was just way over the top. All the other seiyuus were fine, but not great.

Total: 5.5/10
An 18+ maid game with lots of sex scenes and good music. The first impression is good but from there it goes downhill. There was potential in the fantasy setting and characters to so much more, but it is what it is.


Anonymous said...

If you want the soundtrack, you can download here: 'o'

Yumii said...

Nice find! Thank you very much :)

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