December 10, 2011

Otome & BL news 10/12

Kimi ga Tame, Koishi Midareshi Tsuki no Hana just opened the game site some days ago. So far it looks pretty...mediocre? I like the promo art more than the in game sprites.

Beastmaster & Prince~Snow Bride~ PSP wallpapers are up

Kami Kimi poll has ended and the results are in. Narumi is the winner with a impressing 42% votes. The other guys weren't even close!

Check out Otomate's goodies for Comiket81. I almost started drooling when I saw all that merchandise!

Diabolik Lovers is now confirmed for PSP! The music gives me eargasms, seriously.

New information about the superhero Drama CD and PSP game LOVE&PEACE by Rejet.

The Miyako fandisk website also added more information. Did Raikou grew his hair out again? If he did, I'm gonna be so pissed (; ̄д ̄)

Don't forget to fill in the Amnesia Later survey. Rumors says that they might add things that you fill out in the new game.

Arcana Famiglia is getting a fandisk! After refreshing the website a thousand times I was finally able to screenshot one of the two characters that you see for a brief second! Could this be grown-up Liberta?
( 'A') The new name is Vascello Fantasma which in english is the story about The Flying Dutchman. Aaah I'm so hyped!

Original Arcana Famiglia added the second secret password. If you got the game, don't forget to register to unlock the secret bonus scenario!

A bit late on this, but BROTHERS CONFLICT got delayed until spring 2012.

Ozmafia updated with new characters.

The Hiiro no Kakera 3 fandisk is set for April next year.

Tokyo Yamanote Boys character poll is up

TinyxMachinegun update the site and announced a date for the first Drama CD: 29th February. I couldn't help but laugh when I saw the two thieves named Tom & Jelly (Jerry) in the corner

Please don't forget to vote for your favorite otome game at the Otome game Award 2011! It's important to support the company's as much as we can :)
Application is here

A new company called Parade are releasing their first BL game called NO, THANK YOU!! (K-ON inspired?). The appeal of the game is that you are always seme (yes, even with those 2 oyaji characters back there) and in the website corner you can press a button to turn the chest/arm hair on and off ;`(;゚;ж;゚; )ブッ

The story is about a 22 year old man who saves a guy from being run over by a car. You get hit instead and when you wake up all your memories are gone. The man you helped takes you in and let you work at his bar, but shady things are going on behind the nice facade.

You can now pre-order DMMD and see what kind of bonus you get at different stores.

Big update for the upcoming yaoi game Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Double Scamble~

Last but not least is news about the sequel to Lucky Dog 1. The title Gian no tame nara seikai wo kowasu! (I'll even destroy the world for Gian's sake) and more sneak peak will be available in this month Cool-B


Usagi said...

The heroine for Kimi Ga Tame looks pretty cute, I like her name. xD Hope they put up some CGs soon.

About No Thank You, I really hope it won't be another Hadaka Shitsuji or else I'm going to flip a table. Seeing as how the main character is cute and the concept seemed amusing...(e A e);

Yay for Midorin in Diaboliks Lover! \o/ Now I'm looking forward to see the design of the heroine. x'D On another topic, I'm just curious but are you planning to play Gakuen Heaven 2? I'm quite excited for that game. :D

Ayako said...

About Kimi ga Tame, I think so too, I liked the promo art, but now I'm a bit disappointed. I will still keep an eye on this game in case. :)

Yumii said...

Same here. It kind of looks like she is going :3 with her mouth.

I don't see the appeal of Hadaka Shitsuji. When I looked at the CGs in Cool-B I almost got a bit disgusted with all the torture-sex and extreme fetishes. A bit too hardcore for me (; ̄д ̄)

If you watch the PV for Diabolik Lovers you can see the heroine real quick sometimes.

Hmmm I'm not sure about new Gakuen. I really like the concept for each of the characters and they all seem really interesting, it's just that SPRAY's art always turn me off. I'll wait for the CGs before I make my mind up!

Sounds good. I like how she is actually wearing armor and not just a normal hakama or kimono. Hope she can fight too!

Rin said...

Regarding Arcana, that older-badass!Liberta's name is Ash. x3 His line says "Tarocco initially belongs to me, so I'm gonna take it back" which means he's probably going to be the antagonist. Oh, and if you want the passwords they can be found here under "password".

I can't wait for LOVE & PEACE too. Hopefully it'll be as awesome or even better than Hotokenser. ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

Yumii said...

Ash, huh? I'm very glad that they seem to be putting effort on making a story even though it's just a fandisk. They could have easily gone with the "What happened later?"-type of scenario that I feel most fandisks do. (´∀`)♡ Can't wait for more Luca!

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I think that new R-18 otome game company is gonna end up the same way that Pretty Witch Academy did. R-18 games are just not....good these days. I can't even remember the last time I played a GOOD R-18 game. Most of them are complete and utter shit.

Rita said...



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