May 20, 2012

Otome & BL news 20/5

Tenrin no Guneval is a upcoming BL game by Madalabo. The protagonist this time is an ossan-character. Anyone else but me see a resemblance to Kotetsu from Tiger and Bunny?

I'm not sure if upcoming Lucky Dog 1 + Bad Egg is a remake with new endings and content or if it is the long awaited sequel people have been hoping for? After being let down with cheap mini-games instead of actual stories, I've somehow lost faith in the Lucky Dog 1 franchise.

Brothers conflict released a bunch of wallpapers to celebrate the release of the game. Get it for both your PC and PSP.

Oumagatoki is getting a spin-off game called Hyakki Yakou.
The heroine is a dragon princess who tries to live up the the expectations of her family and people around her, but she really just want to live her life in her own way. The art is actually pretty nice and I prefer this style compared to the usual QuinRose.

They also put up a website for a new game called School Wars. More information will be in the next B's log. The heroine looks very cute and also pretty badass with that gun in her hand. I definitely wouldn't mind playing this.

Trick or Alice put up their CV and sample voices. There are 2 different samples for each character, one for normal and one for Wonderland. Alice voice certainly is very, very high-pitched.

New Otomate game called Glass Heart Princess. First thing that struck me was how the guy looks exactly like a clone of Shin from Amnesia. The story is about a girl who is a complete and perfect Mary Sue student in every way. Her one and only flaw is that she knows nothing about boys. Will be for PSP and release is set in November this year.

Popular "I'm so in love with you that I want to kill you"-theme CDs Yandere Heaven is getting a game. The website Yandere Heaven - Affection ~Bunny Cage~ sure looks intense.

Honeybee's new game 青春はじめました! (Our youth has just started! or something) opened it's website. There is a questioner where you can answer what the word youth means to you and they will create characters and other in game scenarios around it. One lucky winner will get their name in the credits.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately OTL
Classes are really hectic this close to summer and I've also been on vacation in London, so no time for games. Please hold out a little bit more for the DMMD review, it'll soon be done!


Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Thank you for this month's news! I just started following you recently, and I'm so glad I did. <3

I'm looking forward to Tenrin no Guneval. As soon as I saw the ossan-protagonist featured in next month's B's LOG, I immediately thought, "He looks like Kotetsu!" I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that. 8'D

Also, I'm desperately hoping that Lucky Dog 1 + Bad Egg will be the long-awaited sequel. I was rather disappointed by the second mini game (I liked the first), so I'm hoping that the upcoming game will redeem the Lucky Dog series. ;w;

Glass Heart Princess sounds... disappointing. Of course, the girl just has to have one flaw that'll get her mixed up with guys, etc. I don't know how many times I've read the same summary... *sigh* I just hope that it'll prove me wrong. (Also... the character art creeps me out. The proportions are... the proportions... /sob)

YANDERE HEAVEN IS GETTING A GAME?! ...I don't know if I could bear playing through it, haha. >w>;

Once again, thank you for this month's updates! Please enjoy your vacation in London~. I hope that you'll do well in your classes!

Yumii said...

No problem! Thank you for your sweet comment (⌒▽⌒) It really made my day!

Ossan-character sure have been getting more attention ever since T&B. It's interesting how both Kotetsu and Tenrin's protagonist work as both uke and seme despite being that age!

Same here! The boardgame was surprisingly addictive and fun with the chibi scenarios and replay value.

Otomate sure love their Mary Sue character. I'm not 100% sure on the art either. I think it's her small hands maybe? Not really loving her clothes either.

I added your blog to my links btw! Will be fun reading your reviews and thoughts *(*´∀`*)☆

Anonymous said...

Haha, I'm rather glad that both Kotetsu and Tenrin can be both uke and seme. In my opinion, all guys can top and bottom, so I enjoy seeing that in any anime, manga, and game. <3

I loved the board game because the scenes were wonderful and everything was fully voiced. The second mini game, however, thoroughly disappointed me. (I wrote a quick review on it to express my disappointment, haha~.)

Thank you for adding my blog to your blog roll! I'm rather slow when it comes to updates, so I hope you won't mind that. Also, I love your blog, so I'll be adding your blog to my blog roll as well, if you don't mind. \(^w^)/

Usagi said...

How is Brothers Conflict so far? Is it nice? I want to give it a try but I'm not so sure about the quality yet.

Having a bit of second thoughts on Tenrin No Guneval since it's by the maker of Hadaka Shitsuji...but this one looks promising so I can't judge. :x Are you planning to play Trick Or Alice? I'm amazed at the amount of ero CGs they've put up LOL.

Can't wait to see your thoughts on DMMD. :D

Yumii said...

I only got my copy yesterday but so far I think it's pretty nice. Only thing that disappointed me is that when selecting activities for each day, you don't actually get to see the characters talk (instead it's just a chibi screen with the logo). I'm not very far though but it might change later. I'm also pretty hyped about the game so my opinion might be a bit biased.

I didn't realize it was the Hadaka Shitsuji creators until much later after finding the game OTL Some of the characters seem to have sadistic/yandere-streak in them so I'm guessing it might have some fetish sex?

I was actually a bit surprised by Trick or Alice. Idk, that CG with Light looks pretty hot if you ask me (─▽─)But I'm just a pervert so who knows. If they release a trial I'll make my mind up after playing it. Crossing my fingers for as little rape as possible.

Hinano said...

THanks for the heads up on the honeybee suggestion box. I filled it out with my crappy nihongo so I hope they understand it lol. The reason the GHP art looks like amnesia is because apparently its the same CG team so...yea

Yumii said...

Hehe, yeah I did the same. They probably won't use any of it, but still pretty fun.
I see, makes sense if it's the same team.

Nik Norasyikin said...

Tenrin no Guneval = as in interesting as it is, those websites last updates is in 2012. so we are now in 2015. That Awesome game turns out to be a HUGE Disappointment. unless you have an update for me, I happily take back my word. That is because that ojisan cute face is my weak point... ehem.

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