December 29, 2010

Upcoming Visual Novel games 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!
The new year starts soon and there are lots of eroge and bl releases to be excited about!
Note: I've noticed a lot of people have been reading this lately, and I just want to say that the list was made December 2010 when not many games were announced. I know there are many new games but I'm not going to update an old list.
Please keep it in mind while reading!

Otome games

First up we have つばさの丘の姫王 A red and blue moon ~Finite loop~
It's Snap Dragons first game and I'm definitely getting this one! It was supposed to be released this December but they suddenly changed the date to April next year. The story is about a girl named Vivian who on her 19th birthday gets reborn as a baby. Since she is stuck in this endless loop she have lived through many centuries.

I'm having a hard time finding more about the story, but the wolf and the gate to another world is two big keys in the story.

Release: April 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, 18+

Little Red Riding Hood and the Lost Forest (赤ずきんと迷いの森) is Calamelia Torte's new game with a dark fairytale theme.

The story seems to be like the usual Red Riding Hood. Tiana's mother gives her a map and asks her to go and visit grandpa. Since she doesn't know the way very well she asks the people in the village but none of them can read it. She realizes that her mother (whom is revealed to not be her real mother) sent her out to get her out of the way. Hurt by this, she runs into the forest and gets lost on the way. Tiana then meets a wolf whom she asks to eat her, since her mother hates her, but the wolf decides to keep her instead. There are also many different fairytales mixed together like Snow White, Hansel & Gretel and others.

Since I haven't played Riddle Garden yet, I don't know what to expect. Still thinking over this one.

Release: 2011
Genre: Fairytale, Fantasy, 18+

A recently announced game is Vampire Sweetie. It's actually a vampire game from SugarBeans (creators of Ijiwaru My Master and Under the Moon). If you are a fan then you probebly already realized that the art is no longer made by Toujou Sakana.This is (in my opinion) much much better though.

There isn't much up on the website yet but I'm sure they will add more soon. Extra CG pictures because I love the art~

Release: 2011
Genre: Fantasy, Vampires, 18+


Omerta - Chinmoku no Okite
Famous for their otome games, Karin entertainment is now releasing a bl game with thriller and crime theme. The main character JJ, is a killer for hire.He comes to Japan to hide for awhile but ends up getting in trouble with the Japanese police and mafia.

I'm really looking forward to this one! The characters look great and I love the mob theme~ I'm sure there will be many plot twist and it feels like something that haven't been done a thousand times before.

Release: April 2011
Genre: Mafia, Thriller, 18+

Nitro+Chiral new game DMMd (DRAMAtical Murder) is also set for sometime due 2011.Only the character have been reviled so far but at Comiket 79 they promised to show both merchandise and promo.

My guess is that they are going the sci-fi/hacker/vitrual world theme instead of mecha but you never know.

I was happily suprised when I saw that the main character wasn't the usual "cool/silent"-type that Nitro+Chiral are so known for. I'm eagerly await more news about this.

Release: 2011
Genre: Sci-fi, 18+, ????


 Snow Drops - First step in spring
This is surprisingly a doujin game created by R-SEVEN. It's their debut game and will be sold at Comiket 79.One of Akito's two sisters, Sakura, died in a traffic accident.His other sister Himawari became depressed and time passed slowly, both of them could find nothing to live for.
 One day Akito finds a girl under the cherry blossom tree. She have no memory of where she came from or who she is, so Akito decides to help her. A few days later, Sakura comes back, just like nothing happened.
 Release: December 31, 2010
Genre: Supernatrual, Slice of life, 18+

Summary from DannyChoo: SONICOMI  stars the Nitro+ character Sonico who is just starting out as a gravure model. You play her dedicated cameraman and together you both need to work with each other to deal with client requests.

She became a huge icon after  the Nitro+ concerts and soon got her own website and merchandise. I don't know about her much myself but it seems like a pretty nice game.

Release: 2011
Genre: Music (?), Photography, Slice of life

Rewrite is Key's new visual novel that people have been waiting for a long time.
 The story takes place in a city named Kazamatsuri where trees and flowers grow everywhere.The main setting is in school though but the later half of the games is supposed the have serious undertone and story.

My first impression of the game is pretty bland but everyone keeps talking about it and since it's Key I suppose it can't be bad. Well be checking it out when it's closer to the release date.

Release: April 2011
Supernatural (?), Slice of life, Drama

Thanks for reading!
Have a great new year's eve~


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