January 2, 2011

First impression - Starry☆sky - In summer

Made by: Honey Bee
Genre: Otome, Romance, School
Summary: Tsukiko is back again, this time in summer. You and your friends are having fun in the archery club, when a new member joins.
Note: First impression means I've only finished a few routes and not all the endings.

Final Score:
Story 4/10
I have to say that Summer was even more boring than Spring. The three months felt like they lasted forever and there were no development between the characters. The typical "I'm sad but everyone cheered me up" did happen, but it was so cliché that I don't even want to count it as an event. The archery didn't interest me much either and I wish there were more events outside the club.

Music 2/10
Same music as Spring. I was looking forward to some new tracks so it was a pretty big letdown.

Art 8/10
No need to say that the art for Starry Sky looks beautiful.They improved the anatomy from the last game but I still find some of the expressions weird.

Voices 9/10
Just like all Starry Sky games, it's filled with popular and talented seiyuus. Very happy~

Total: 6/10
A big minus on the story and the music. Still, it's a nice otome game with lots of handsome boys and great voice actors. I think I've officially given up on Starry Sky, it's just too boring school-life for my taste.


Anonymous said...

hayyy... I like BL tooooooo >w< ..
I wanna try paly this game., but still download., yaiyy.. ^^... oh., nice to meet u... ^^

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