January 9, 2011

First Impression - Kimi no naka no Palladium

Made by: Chat Errant
Genre: Yaoi, Fantasy, Incest
Summary: In the world Palladium everyone have wings (either angel or demon). Everyone except Aile, whom can't remember his past. But his brother Ven does, and he wants to find his other lost brothers together with Alie.You then hook up with one of them (No, I did not know that this was incest before playing, but I decided to finish it anyway) while trying to find out how you can live without having wings.
Note: First impression means I've only finished a few routes and not all the endings.

Final Score:
Story 4/10
If you can see past the incest and that all the characters have a "onii-chan" fetish, it's a pretty good idea for a game. The execution on the other hand is bad. I didn't think much of the main character Aile until the ending and overall he was a very flat and shallow character with little personality. The writing is pretty bad and very simple. Sometimes I got didn't understand what they were doing or who was there with them.

Music 6/10
Really nice music but often repetitive. If they just added a few more songs I would give it a higher score.

Art 8/10
Suprisingly nice art and I loved the coloring in the game. The backgrounds were gorgeous and the overall environment and world was super.

Voices 4/10
I loved Zephyr and Bellenoir but the others were very bland and boring. Since there wasn't any famous seiyuus either, I took no notice.

Total: 6/10
I love fantasy games and even if the story wasn't very original, it was a good attempt.
If you don't mind incest and like sexy demons and angels, maybe this is for you.


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