March 29, 2011

Game review: Lucky Dog 1

Made by: Tennenouji
Genre: Mafia, Violence, Rape, Yaoi
Summary: Gian Carlo, also known as Lucky Dog, is once again thrown in prison. He is known for his miraculous escapes (hence the name) but this time he got a bigger task.A letter from the boss of CR:5, the mafia, wants Gian to get four important men out prison. Gian is made the leader of the group and together they escape prison.

Gian Carlo
The protagonist and the most charming character in the game. Cocky, funny and laid back sums him up pretty well. Suzuki Tatsuhisa is the seiyuu and did an awesome job with the accent and broken Engrish.

He and Gian got a great chemistry that lasts through the whole game. They got a lot of flirting going on, calling each other honey and darling all the time which made me laugh. I played his route first, which I regret a bit now, not that it was bad or anything, it was just boring compared to the others. It felt like the days went on forever before finally something happened, and even then it wasn't that exciting.

Bernardo takes care of communications and information with hooked up phones. Gian isn't happy about Bernardo keeping secrets from him and the gang and when Bernardo one day disappears leaving only a note, Gian finds out that they are in deeper trouble than he thought.

Easily the funniest characters in the bunch. He is reckless, homophobic, loud and never thinks before he acts. Swears a lot and only cares about money. He and Gian have a power-struggle kind of relationship which is hilarious to watch and Gian teases Ivan who goes totally crazy.

Ivan used to be a member of CR:5s enemy The Gravediggers (GD for short) and is still very involved with them. The other CR:5 members begins to suspect him and calls him a traitor, thinking he is still with GD. Gian also becomes insecure and doubts if he can trust Ivan or not, but after a hold-up where Ivan defends Gian, he wins his trust.

Underneath the loud and confident facade Ivan is actually pretty insecure. Gian tells him that if he really was the dumbass retard that he behaves like, nobody would defend him like they do. Ivan of course becomes embarrassed  which Gian then teases him for and the two of them starts arguing like usual.

He looks cool, gentle and his quiet voice doesn't make a big first impression. He never got much to say but always sticks close to Gian.

But he quickly shows another side of himself..
Guilio loves to kill and have a dark crazy personality.
Gian doesn't mind first, instead he is impressed and gives him credit for killing them so easily. But when Guilio starts playing with the dead bodies and drinking the victims blood, Gian freaks out.

Things gets even worse from here, but I'm not gonna spoil to much of the story (You'll have more fun playing it yourself~)

Tall, sexy ladie's man who is a bit on the proud side. That being said, I didn't really think he fits with Gian (or any of the other characters either) but since it's Miki Shinichirou  who does his voice so I just had to play it. Luchino have been involed with the bad side of mafia for a long time. When GD start spreading rumors about his past he and Gian team up to fight the Grave Diggers one final time.

Gameplay: The usual choises with one/two good and bad endings. Lucky Dog 1 also got a score system, showing how much of each route you have unlocked. When you get 100% for a character, you unlock an extra CG that represents the Drama CD side story.

Final Score:

Story 8/10
I had a pretty hard time getting into the game at first actually, since the theme and style of the story is so different. But once I got halfway and things got really interesting it won me over easily. When I started playing the first time I thought "No way I'm going Ivan's route. Annoying, loud and ugly. No way" but he ended up being my favourite character in the bunch. He and Gian is in my opinion the best couple.

Music 8/10
The opening song is really catchy and I find myself humming it all the time. The soundtrack in general was very fitting and perfect for the game.

Art 9/10
Yura-sensei is back with more colorful art. The character designs for the game is great and the art overall is just wonderful. It brings the game up to a whole new level.

Voices 8/10
As I mentioned above, all the seiyuus did a great job. I did have some problems with Guilio, but it maybe because I didn't like his character/route in general very much.

Total: 9/1
 I loved the game and really recommend it to anyone who wants some Italian-mafia yaoi with funny and sexy characters. Went way beyond my expectations, so don't let the first impression get the better of you, you don't want to miss this one.


Anonymous said...

Did you play the game in japanese or is there an english patch? D: i got the game but its not in english and i have no idea whats going on or how to play :(((((

Anonymous said...

Awesome reveiw~
(me too! I've been searching for a translation but I can't find one at all! Any help would be greatly appreciated!)

Yumii said...

Thank you! :) There isn't any translation done as far as I know, sorry.

Anonymous said...

can we play it online???

Anonymous said... <--------- translation for the game.

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