May 26, 2011

B's LOG 7 - Otome & BL news + scans

So I don't usually order magazines from Japan, but when my B's LOG arrived with Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori yesterday, I decided to scan some pages and share some recent gaming news.

My scanner only does scan in black and white OTL sorry for the inconvenience

Big spread on Uta no prince-sama and some character designs for the anime below. The PSP game is also getting a remake with re-drawn CGs which looks great. The remake is called Uta no prince-sama REPEAT and is released 11th August.
Anime website
Game website

The story is about Nanami Haruka who goes to a school for musicians or people who want to become idols.The school have a pairing-system where two people compete together and the ones that win gets to make a big debut in the music industry.

After Karin Entertainment recent success with the yaoi visual novel Omerta they have now decided to port their otome game The Exorcism of Maria to PSP. The title will have more CGs and new scenarios and endings.
Their other otome game Zettai Meikyuu Grimm will be getting a directors cut version for the PC. Release date is 24th June. Website

QuinRose's Heart no Kuni no Alice is getting a movie later this year as I'm sure you all already know. They finally announced a date for the movie: 30th of July. There is no trailer for the movie yet but looking at the pictures it looks like they've come quite far.I'm really looking forward to it~

From left to right: Peter, Hook, Sciccors,
Tinker(bell), John and Michael
More Quinrose news are the character designs for their upcoming PSP game  Okashi na Shima no Peter Pan ~Sweet Never Land~. The website also got a makeover some days ago and lots of new information was added.

There was also a big spread on the other games they are making. Mother Goose will be release on PSP June 23th and the port of Crimson Empire and 25th August.

They are also doing a collaboration with GingoSystem Japan for the PSP game Za, shuutsujin! Koi Ikusa which is released today.
Quinrose website

I can't believe how grown up Lulu looks at the promo pictures for  Wand of Fortune 2. Showing so much skin....I liked her innocent cute look in the first game better ;_;
Not much new on AMNESIA sadly, but I'm hoping the website will be updates soon.
Link to both sites and more upcoming game from Idea Factory/Otomate here

There was also some new info on
VAMPIRE SWEETIE in Cool-B's BitterPrincess. All the guys have a special place where they drink Juli's blood. Faust got the collarbone, Mikhail got the neck, Alon drinks from between her boobs and the shota Joshua bites from the back on the neck. I was happy to see more information about it since I really liked the style of the game, but looking at it, it seems there will be plenty of rape scenes after all -_- It bothers be greatly that they haven't updated the website since January. Official website

Other then that there wasn't much interesting. The Starry Sky anime bluray is coming out slowly and the last two seasons After story-game will be released later this year on PC. Nitro+Chiral's Dramatical Murder also had some pictures but there wasn't anything new we haven't seen already.

Below you check out the list for all the otome and yaoi game releases this summer! Thanks for reading~


Hinano said...

Disappointed that Vampire Sweetie will be another rapefest. Starting to not really wanna play any Sugar Beans games anymore.... :s

Yumii said...

I feel the same way. Actually I'm thinking of giving up 18+ genre overall, feels like it's just rape or mindless sex anyway ಠ_ಠ

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