May 19, 2011

WebKare - Virtual boyfriend

Genre: Otome, Online, Community

WebKare is an online game and community where you pick a boyfriend and spend time together with him.
The interaction screen with
your kareshi

You interact with your boyfriend and raise your romance level with him. It's even voice and I have to say I'm very impressed with the quality of it all!

You move around school and once you got a good relationship it's possible to get another one of the boys (Got to catch them' all!). The gameplay besides the things mentioned above is small events that plays out as a visual novel game. Sometimes the site adds CG's on special events (like around new year or Christmas) which you can collect. They also held a contest where premium members got to make their own short visual novel event with the characters. All of them are still available to play on the website!

The characters
Ayakawa Ryuuji 
Voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa (Prince of Tennis).
He is a delinquent who only comes to school because you are there. Fights a lot.
The only person he can't defeat is Tsukasa, his older brother.

Ayakawa Tsukasa
Voiced by Daisuke Ono (The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Kuroshitsuji)
Popular with the ladies and the teacher at school. He worries about his little brother a lot.

Aiba Shun

Voiced by Takahashi Naozumi (Prince of Tennis)

The shota character. Loves basketball and always in a good mood.
Hates how short he is

Souma Kaoru
Voiced by Nojima Kenji (Blood+)
The student council president.Great at studying and has a sweet tooth.

So as you see the list is full with popular and sexy seiyuus! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Ono's name! You can of course name your kareshi whatever you want (I went with the default names) so the above is changeable.

Another fun thing about WebKare is the community. The Mini Log is a place where people can write small messages and sentences. This will also be read by your kare so he may later mention something you wrote! There is also a Oekaki section, talk to other people boyfriend which triggers different events and posts stamps that represent your hobbies or what you like. WebKare also includes a blog where you can write about your memories with your love~

It's also possible to add your boyfriend to your blog (Mine is in the sidebar on the right) so others can interact and add him to their friend list.

If you think it sounds fun I would recommend you check it out! It's free to sign up/play and there are some great tutorials on the internet if you got any questions!


Rin said...

Oh I played this back in 2008 when they just opened! My main was Ryuuji, but I stopped playing since I can't afford to continue paying premium. ;_; ..and without premium it's really limited.

Hopefully you'll have fun with your WebKare though. :3

Yumii said...

@Rin Yeah I agree on that. I kinda lost interest now after playing just a few days since there is not much to do ^^;

Anonymous said...

I completely forgot about my webkare account before I read about this. :O
After 2 days of playing, I discontinued visiting my kare. ^^;;

Yumii said...

@Euryx Yep it's usually like that >_< Still a good idea though, online otome game

Anonymous said...

Link to the website isn't working. ;w;

Yumii said...

Ah, yes, I'm sorry to say the game shut down about half a year ago :/

Anonymous said...

@Yumii Oh... Well that sucks. I heard it was an awesome game and I was so looking forward to playing it.. Ah well.. xD

I was surprised to see you had replied to me. I thought I'd be left unanswered. So thanks for taking your time to answer. ;3

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