May 5, 2011

Game review: Tsubasa no Oka no Hime - A Red and Blue Moon

Made by: SnapDragon
Genre: Otome. Eroge, Fantasy, 18+
Summary: Christopher starts working as a butler for Vivian, a woman born from the red and blue moon. She and her archnemesis Dowth have been fighting for thousands of years, both have forgotten why and when it all started. Vivian is reborn as a baby on her 19th birthday, and thus they are stuck in an endless loop...


The main character of the game, even though you barley play as her and I had a hard time getting in her head and understanding what she thought/felt. That being said, I liked Vivian a lot! She is an adult, and acts like one. Confident, playful but mature just like a woman should be. I think it's easy to forget that she have lived for 2000 years when playing this game and it's important to consider that there is a reason for why she acts like she does.

He and Vivian is the main couple of the game. Christopher is a bit clumsy but tries his best and is very determined. When he was little he used to read a book about fairies and other magical things, so now when seeing them in real life he is always overwhelmed and amazed. When I played his route I really came to like him for his innocence and pure heart. He have a strong will to help others and that is also the reason he became a butler.
During Christophers route Vivian actually sleeps around with both Ti-zu and Edrick. Now I'm not the type who would usually have a problem with that, but in this game it felt unnecessary and unfair to Christopher.

In his endings there were some big plotholes and the love between them felt onesided. Vivian considered him a play toy through the whole game and Chris is just to innocent and happy to notice it.

Edric was a knight who swore he would protect Vivian as long as he lived. Vivian decided to give him eternal life for his compassion and bravery since he would keep his oath to her forever. Ever since, he have been working as a butler and taking care of her every cycle when she once again became an infant.

Edric is very composed and mature, but he is also shy and act somewhat sad around Vivian. I can relate to him and I tried to put myself in his shoes; seeing the one you love being reborn hundreds of times, sleeping with other men and you are stuck living forever just to see it repeat all over again.

Edric and Vivian in their former lives

A perverted spirit who cooks for Vivian. I don't really know what to write, since his whole route was mostly H-scenes and not much else. Ti-zu is still a pretty fun character; outgoing, happy, charming and of course, perverted. His ending was just...indescribable.

This is where the game falls apart. The creators decided to skip the regular "select between different choices and go different routes" and instead the whole game is just short 5-10 min scenes with the characters. An example is that if Christopher, it can be a scene when Vivian talks to some old men about harvest. The end. Next day, same thing. Repeat this awful quick-time events 25 times and then you're at the ending. And guess what? It doesn't matter what route you have taken! You can get any ending with any character on any route.

The whole game is written in third person view, which mean you don't relate to the characters as you usually do. You also play most of the game from Christopher side, no matter which route you are in.

Final Score:
Story 3/10

Story? What story? You mean all the potential of an amazing fantasy story with dragons and curses that the just threw away for the porn?
Let me just note also that there is Dowth (the old man), Petunia (the little girl) and Hakaku (the wolf) also got routes, but I'm not going to write about them since they are just side characters. I can tell you though  that their routes were just as repetitive and unexplained as everyone else's.

Music 4/10
Nothing special. Some of the tunes get annoying when playing for several hours straight, but other than that, it's fine.

Art 10/10
Obviously the best point of this. The pastel colors are beautiful, the shading and scenery lovely and the overall feeling is great. Sadly, they once again used it all on H-scenes.

Voices 5/10
Kawashima Rino does a fantastic job as Vivian. Ti-zu sounds a bit to foregin for me to like but Yusa Kouji made it up for me with low and cool Edrick's voice.

Total: 4/10
Even art as gorgeous as this can not make up for a story as badly put together as Tsubasa Hime. The lack of cohesiveness makes the reader lose interest and everything just relies on the porn to save it (which it doesn't). I didn't feel like it actually told a story but instead just showed random interactions between random characters at a random place each time.


Celestie Sara said...

Ahaha, I read like five different reviews now (well, the overall-sections, always, so I won't spoiler myself) of this game and the result is the same...terrible plot and full with smut.

...I know I will play it when I get the chance (and ability of reading Japanese) to, still, for the artwork and for Yusa Kouji-*is shot*

Sad thing, I always told myself that if artwork and characters are awesome, I will like the game, no matter the story (that is how I fell in love with Starry Sky, and I only played Spring and Spring plot is bo~ring!)...but apparently not even the characters can save this game, so it'll just be artwork and Yusa Kouji, who I heard is being topped at one point, opposed to his usual would-be-or-residential-rapist roles xD I MUST SEE!!!*is shot again*

Yumii said...

Oh I know how you feel! I play eroge as well as otome/yaoi and as you might know, hentai games got no plot at all. I've tried so many gorgeous games but quit every one of them later because it's so badly written.

Lol I have a love-hate relationship with Yusa.
Like you can imagine, it was so weird hearing him play a nice and shy guy! XD

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