June 19, 2011

First impression: Tapestry -you will meet yourself-

Made by: Light
Genre: Eroge, Romance, School, Drama
Summary: Hajime is a normal guy, living in a normal town, living his normal life. That was, until a sudden illness struck and with only 6 months left to live, he tries to make the best of the situation.
Note: First impression means I've only finished a few routes and not all the endings.
This time I only finished Hikari since she is the "main girl" and I honestly don't have any more tears to cry to finish the other girls anyway.

Final Score:
Story 9/10
So I know I usually don't review ero games, but Tapestry is pretty different.
Unlike most hentai games it isn't centered around sex but instead the story and development of the characters. Tapestry is very well written and the gameplay enhances the impression.
The game is split up in to different arc with each character. After each arc you replay the arc as the girl who's turn it is, seeing it from her point of view. This is a very clever thing as you get inside the other characters head and not just the main character.
Hajime decides pretty early on that he wants to keep the illness a secret, and I won't spoil who gets to know what. The overall story is sad and realistic, because that is how life is. I can tell you that there won't be any "miracle of love" ending.

Music 5/10
Opening song was pretty nice and OST in general sounded good.

Art 8/10
I really like the art and it was also the reason I got interested in the game from the start. The shading and coloring makes it looks almost a bit cartoon-ish but it works really well.

Voices 7/10
None of the actors stood out that much but I didn't dislike any of them. Good job overall.

Total: 8/10
For someone who dislikes school setting in visual novels, giving Tapestry this high score is a pretty rare thing.
The game is one of the more famous H-games but it is well deserved. The humor is spot on, the characters charming and the realistic feeling when you know you can't fight fate captures the reader. I recommend Tapestry -you will meet yourself-to anyone who wants a good and well written story.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation!
I looked up the game on getchu and looks like the lead dude's voiced by Tachibana Shinnosuke so I'm interested! XD

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