June 14, 2011

STAR PROJECT - Virtual superstar boyfriend

Made by: Gamecom
Genre: Otome, Online, Community
Website: http://star.gamecom.jp/

So after finding out about WebKare, I started searching for more online otome games and soon I stumbled upon STAR PROJECT.

The game is originally in Korean and apparently super popular with otome and visual novel fans.When I later got the latest B's LOG issue there was a big spread on the first 2 pages with the words "STAR PROJECT launching in Japan!"
No need to say I was thrilled over the news and headed straight for the website.

Unfortunately the game is still in second beta, which means you can't play yet unless you were chosen, but while we wait together I can tell you more about the game.

STAR PROJECT is an online visual novel complete with mini-games and stat raiser. Think of it as IdolM@ster for girls.
You get to pick one of three (Korean version has four) guys and turn them into idols. You book shows, TV appearances, compete with the rivalry of other superstars, all of this while you and your guy slowly fall in love.

The mini-games raises the stat of your idol while you earn more money and other bonuses. The  story part  is just like a regular visual novel with choices and different CGs to unlock. STAR PROJECT is unfortunately not fully voiced, but you will hear them talk sometimes.

 A feature of the game that I thought looked fun was the dressing up part. The picture below shows some of the costumes available for Touya. The rabbit kigurumi looks adorable!


Touya Asagi
Pure, naive, kind and popular. He is 17 years old and aims to be the next famous celebrity. Touya is good and dancing and singing but bad at memorizing lines and script for shows and commercials. A very free spirit who loves music.


Ren Akabane.
Ren is the punk/rock-ish type of the guys and 20 years old.
His strong point is his looks and he works as a model while climbing the ladder of celebrity life. When he was young his family died and because of this he got a arrogant and stubborn personality. The more you get to know him and his past the more you will come to understand he isn't as bad as he tries to be.

Last guy is Torian.
Very laidback guy with a mysterious past. Nobody knows much about him or where he is from. Torian is very popular with the ladies and states that "as long as its a female, age doesn't matter". He doesn't have a weak point as an idol and his best skill is his smooth voice. Torian seiyuu is Miki Shinichirou (so sexy~)

The bad thing about STAR PROJECT is that it uses cash-shop, which means you must be willing to pay real money to get the extra stuff. Another downside is that you are only allowed to pick one of these bishies, so think hard and long before choosing one!

Hopefully STAR PROJECT will launch soon and I'm looking forward to start playing! Which one of the idols would/will you pick? (Comment below)

Here are some more screenshots from the mini-games and story part.


Anonymous said...

LOL The current Cool-B actually has info on this game too, but I haven't even checked the website XD

But man, Ishida and MikiShin guys made me go ^q^ Shame that I have a feeling that money might be overtly needed for this ;w; Ah well, it's online so I might lose interest in 5 days at the longest lol <- Is a traditional gamer who think online feature sucks orz

Thanks for the info Yumii~~

Celestie Sara said...


It's cruel you have to choose. And since the chances that I learn Japanese by the time they launch it is SLIIIM (I will start in in OCTOBER D: ) I'll ...just stare at the pretty pictures.


Pretty art. Pretty art. No wonder they wanna real money for that *w* And they will get it, I guess. Sad thing, this capitalistic, materialistic world we live in...

Ahem. Anyhow, thanks for this little pre-review :3

Yumii said...

Who does Ishida voice? The blond guy? I didn't recognize him when I listened to the samples ;A;
LOL I always get addicted when there is a stat-raiser feature so I can picture myself playing this a lot orz

My Japanese is pretty bad too, but since its fully voiced I don't think you will have a problem as long as you got some basic knowledge :)
Mini-games are probably easy to understand too, so I would give it a shot if I were you!

Anonymous said...

Eh? The website didn't give the info for the CVs? OwO;; *Looks back at the post* Now that I read it more seriously, there is an absence of the CVs... orz

Anyway, Ishida voices Ren (black haired guy)
Terashima Takuma voices the blond guy.
And MikiShin voices the blue haired guy :P

And stat raiser is actually addicting for me, I played every single of Princess Makers game xD But as expected, lol!forgot about them in... 5 days. Innohowshortmypatienceis!

Anonymous said...

You don't need to be chosen to play the beta. I just signed up for an account at WePlay and managed to play the first beta fine. I haven't played the 2nd one yet though.
And I hate to correct you even though this game does have voice...it is NOT full voiced. ^^; You will only hear voice for some certain events. orz

Yumii said...

Oh thank you for telling me! >_< I don't want to trick everyone thinking it was something it wasn't.

Celestie Sara said...

Ahaha, it's alright, I don't think I'd have started playing it without having a basic grasp on Japanese (which I haven't D: ).

...you need to be able to type in Japanese to verify your identity. Damn. So I can't sign up ahead....xD

Yumii said...

@Celestie Sara
Hmm...if you really want to, you can always use a vitrual keyboard (example http://www.wandel.person.dk/japanese.html). It's pretty handy! ^^

Celestie Sara said...

...eh, why didn't I think of that? Thank you very much for the suggestion in case I do want to register now (I just decided to wait a while longer xD) :3

Anonymous said...

Ren Akabane. FUCK YEAH. totally my type >__> i cant wait for him to come out in the English game x) <3 i kinda hate touya ._.

Rita said...


I was just going through the archives when I found this post XD; It's this, isn't it?


So it was originally Korean, then Japanese, then English. Well, I guess I should be thankful it's in English at all XDD

Yumii said...

I still haven't tried the english release yet! Touya can't be that bad, can he?

Yep that's the one! It's nice to see visual novels getting more and more popular these days!

Anonymous said...

how do you get money?

Anonymous said...

It's kinda intersting i can't wait till the punk rocker gets released.
I'm glad otome game's are getting more and more popular every day.

JappaneseKarensamething said...

Were I live you can actually play one dude then finish him and he will go into the Stars Room till you go and relive his last moment with you then you can just look at the memories with him and pictures. Then play another dude. Then you are really managing both.

Anonymous said...

i love blue haired boy i forgot his name so ill just call him that he is soo~ cute he is hot

Anonymous said...


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