August 19, 2011

Otome & BL news 19/8

So I thought it might be fun to write some sort of news update every now and then, since I don't have much spare time and making review takes a while.Anyway,  here is some recent and upcoming otome & BL news.

OtomeMate's AMNESIA was finally released yesterday and is expected to be a big hit. I'm really looking forward to reading reviews of it!

After the PC port of Miyako sold well a fandisk is now coming to PSP. I'm currently playing it and I'm extremely jelly.

A new and recently announced game is OZMAFIA. It's created by a company called Poni-Pachet (which I don't think I've heard about before?) however the art looks promising and they just added the main characters to the website.

Upcoming yaoi game Mebiusline finally added some new CGs. I'm crossing my fingers for this one.

Long awaited DRAMAtical Murder got a date set, 2012.2.24. So far away, but I guess it's worth the wait.

Following the popular theme of yaoi mafia, And's new game Sis-Ni-Kanto also got updated. The artwork by Yamada Sakurako really looks gorgeous.

Yet another Lelouch figure is up for pre-order. This time he wears the popular emperor costume, complete with his usual dramatic pose. Where is my Suzaku?

Popular UtaPri gets more merchandise, this time it's a compact mirror with the bishies on. Which ones are your favorite?

If you are a fan or JRPG like me, you've probably played one or two of the famous Tales of - games. These cute chibi's is something for you then! All of the popular male characters for the Tales game comes with a haning clip attached so you can wear it wherever you go. I'll try my best to get my favorites~

Closing up this little new segment is the handsome looking Ichigo from Bleach. I'm not a fan myself, but this figure is definitely worth having in your bishie collection. Long hair, nice effects and see-through bandage. Yummy~


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