August 21, 2011

First impression: Miyako ~ Tsukiyomi no Yume

Made by: Sanctuary, Otomate
Otome, Fantasy, Romance, Historical
Summary: Sayuki is shikigami summoned by a man called Seimei. She, together with two of Seimei's other workers, run errands for the prince and clean her master's house. But Sayuki is not an ordinary shikigami.
She have have strange dreams and hear voices asking her to save somebody...

Note: First impression means I've only finished a few routes and not all the endings.
Due some bad luck and some even worse decisions, I got virus on my netbook. This forced my to do a complete restart and lose many of the games I had, including Miyako. Luckily I had just finished two routes  before this happened.

Final Score:
Story ?/10
One thing I've always been somewhat sad about is the lack of oriental games for the PC, so playing this was a blast. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to play the main guys (Seimei, Douman), so I can't judge the "true" story of the game. The game consisted of day mission and night mission, and often there were no scenes in between which made the game feel repetitive at times. Many of the CGs were saved for the ending battle which made me want to rush it just to collect them. Sometimes I felt like the guys treated Sayuki like a little girl (I know she is short, but come on!).
Why would they bring her on a dangerous mission only to tell her to stay behind and not do anything? ( ´_ゝ`) 

Izumi is the prince of the city voiced by Daisuke Namikawa. Everytime he called her "Shikigami-chaan~" I couldn't help but smile. So everything is going great until one day Raikou warns Sayuki about getting to close to the Izumi.
She soon realize the prince got a lot more to him behind his plastic smile. Because of his role as a prince, Izumi is taught to have always be polite, smiling and never show his emotions.

When the sacred treasures later are stolen Izumi takes it out on Shikigami-chan. Instead being hurt by this, Shikigami-chan is happy that he finally tells her what he feels instead of bottling it up inside him.
I really like his route, even if his constant petting her on the head gave me a bit of big brother-vibe. The epilogue was really sweet too.

When Raikou meets Sayuki for the first time he starts blushing like an idiot until Izumi pokes him and remind him to introduce himself. Definitely love at first sight ヽ(´▽`)/  Not only do I love his voice actor, but dense/easily embarrassed/honest type of guys are my favorite type. So Raikou is a royal guard and Izumi's childhood friend since many years back. He got a sister that he treasures very much and when Sayuki offers to help him choose a present for his sisters birthday they start getting closer. His story was pretty similar to Izumi's except that it was told from Raikou's side. His confession was ridiculously cute and since he is so tall and Sayuki so short he had to bend down when kissing her.

Also, Seimei looks so much better with ponytail, while Raikou looks better with his down. I wish they would have swapped them orz

Music 9/10
I really enjoyed the music. I got  the OST too and the opening & ending songs were beautiful. All of them fitted the theme very well and simply made the whole game better.

Art 8/10
Miyako is very enjoyable because of the nice art. The backgrounds, CGs and character sprites are very well done and enhance the experience even more. During battle there were very nice effects and other things like the color of the characters actually chancing depending on what time of the day it was makes it stand out even more.
 Voices 9/10
 Loved all the seiyuus! Sakurai was great as Raikou and Daisuke Namikawa always got his smooth-talker voice. 

Total: 9/10
To sum up Miyako ~ Tsukiyomi no Yume in a word, I would have to say "Quality". Things like the little daily fortune you get when starting the game, the color and menu change depending on which route you go and the amount of different sprites and visual effects this game has. There were a lot of bonus options like which character you want greeting you everyday and hearing a few lines from the selected scene when looking at CGs. I'm kind of sad that I didn't get to finish the game, but I really enjoyed the routes I got to read!


Anonymous said...

I'm happy that many people want to consider playing this game. When I first found it last year, there just had a few people who play it. And so, I couldn't talk about how much I was exciting over the beautiful art of this game. Glad you played it too. My favorite of course Izumi with Namikawa Daisuke's voice.

Yumii said...

@twentyninenights Yeah there seems to be a increasing number of otome players lately! Daisuke is always fun to listen to, I really love his playful/teasing voice. I would have finished all of the routes if I hadn't gotten the virus, but I guess shit happens ( ´_ゝ`)

Anonymous said...

Oh you're right about the increasing number of otome game players lately. I didn't know that I had so many friends now, compared to a few months before, and really happy to it.

Yes, Namikawa's teasing voice is so different from any other seiyuu. He can make a teasing voice that really make me embarassed to hear it, not because it's funny but because I can feel it myself (mostly, when watching Kimi ni Todoke). But also, he can make serious voice (Iha Kazura in Senkou no Night Raid) and brutal voice (Jesus from TYB Dark Cherry).

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