August 27, 2011

Game review: Kimi Hana

Made by: PiPiP
Genre: Otome, Doujin, Free game
Summary: Tsubomi have a weird flower which one day turns into a handsome bishie (or not). Together she and the mysterious flower-guy spends the day together celebrating the school festival.

So after Hinano reviewed a doujin game I was reminded of my own folder filled with unplayed games. One of them was Kimi Hana, a nice and short otome game with a flower theme.

So Tsubomi accidentally summons a guy from the flower who starts calling her Master and following her around. She names him Shigatsu (April) since it's the current month and she can't think of anything else (lol). Since it's a doujin game it's pretty short and I finished reading it in an hour or so.

Shigatsu A

So guy number one appears if you water the flower with regular water. He was pretty emotionless and didn't have much personality to be honest. In his true end he disappears after saying goodbye to Tsubomi under the sakura trees. In the prologue a year later our heroine one day wakes up hearing a voice saying "Wake up,master"

Shigatsu B
A flirty guy with long hair and outgoing personality. He immediately starts hitting on Tsubomi and she constantly blushes like a tomato through the game. Just like number A, he disappears in the end of his route, only to come back at the prologue.

I liked him a lot better compared to A and watching him and Tsubomi flirt was really cute~
So after reading both A and B's true ending, you unlock Onii-chan. He is a teacher at the school and spends the day with Tsubomi since she looks lonely. I'm a bit confused if it was her real brother or if she just liked to call him Onii-chan. Heck, I'm not even sure if he was a teacher or not, the conversation was pretty weird and didn't make sense to me. Anyway, the two of them decides to go to the school café where they are surrounded by schoolgirls wanting to talk to Onii-chan.
Tsubomi is a bit overwhelmed and feels jealous, which her date soon notice and teases her for.
In his route the magical flower dies and the prologue is them eating dinner together.

Since it's a doujin I'm not gonna bother scoring it. The style and character sprites was very shojo-manga like and the CGs was really top quality considering the game is for free. No voices but the nice music made up for it. If you got an hour over and is interested I would recommend playing Kimi Hana. Download it here


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