September 14, 2011

Game review: Gian Carlo's LUCKY HAPPY LIFE

Made by:
Genre: Spin-off, Mini games, Yaoi, Mafia
Summary: Finally the spin-off of the popular game Lucky Dog 1 comes. The game is divided into different gameplay parts and collectables to get, together with different scenarios of your favorite Lucky Dog 1 characters.
The game is basically super mario party but with one player. Dream Eater Mode is the main game, where you play as Gian and compete against the computer to unlock character routes that you'll later be playing against in Take Back Gian's Life Mode.

Both games have the same concept. You roll the dice, jump the given steps and land on a space. You collect items to help you when playing and a bear that represent your luck.
There are 7 different types of space to land on. Some examples are:
Lucky space: View a lucky event. Ups your luck
Heart space: Smexy time~
Mystery space: Changes every time. Could take your money, give your money, decrease your luck or increase it.

There is also a mini-game where you roll a dice against a skeleton. Luckily there are some cheats to get higher/lower numbers!

After you finished Dream Eater Mode your chosen character is avalible to play against in Take Back Gian's Life Mode. Unlike DE mode, you will now chose a route and ending before starting the game. There is a total of 3 happy ending and 3 bad endings for most of the main characters.

CGs are very random in the game and depends on what route your playing for each character. A space that had no CG in a happy-ending game, could later have one in a bad-ending game. There were also a lot of chibi CGs that were adorable. Ridiculously cute. If you played Lucky Dog 1 you know that there were some rape scenes in it, and of course there were more included in this.

Final Score:
Story 6/10

I'm basing this score of the mini dramas, endings and overall concept of the game all together. There were lots of endings and the little story that played out was overall very well done.

Music 8/10
Ah, the old Lucky Dog 1 music. It's those kind of tunes that never really become tiresome or grow weary, which is very fitting for a game like this.

Art 9/10
How could I NOT rate the art this high? Yura-sensei is always fabulous and just the thought of seeing more CGs and artwork from her makes me incredibly happy.

Ivan is still my favorite~
Voices 8/10 (copied from the Lucky Dog 1 review)
As I mentioned above, all the seiyuus did a great job. I did have some problems with Guilio, but it maybe because I didn't like his character/route in general very much.

Total: 7/10
A extremely entertaining and nice twist to the usual board game. It's the type of game where you think "Just one more time!" but then you end up playing for over an hour. My biggest problem was how unforgiving the game was. If you lost a fight against the skeleton, you go back to the menu. If your luck is low for too long, you go back to the menu. Gian Carlo's LUCKY HAPPY LIFE is a must play for any Lucky Dog 1 fan.


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