September 14, 2011

Otome & BL news 14/9

Hakuouki 3D
is now up for pre-order. I've never read any of them myself but basing on their big fandom, they're good. I'm very interested how the 3D will work out and what it could hold in store for the future of visual novels.

Tomorrow Otomates
Gekka Ryouran ROMANCE will be in Japanese stores. My biggest problem is how none of the characters seem that appealing which makes me want to play the game less.

OZMAFIA had yet another update. This time we get to know about the rival gang, the grimm fairytales. Little red riding hood is a boy named Scarlet, and the twins Hansel & Gretel have been added too. I'm sure there are avalible routes for both sides and I'm just in love with the coloring/artwork in general!

Another game with lovely artwork is recently announced Yuzaengi (I think? I have no idea how to read that). God, catears. My weakness. Not only that, but the heroine looks like she is the strong willed type - me like!

Bloody Call  is gonna get an update release in PSP form. Sadly the PC version wasn't to my liking at all.

Yaoi game DMMd released a PV some weeks ago. I'm personally very hyped about the game and it seems to be top-notch!
Snuggle up with these bishie blankets from The Prince of Tennis. I love how they call the collection "Sleepy-head prince"~

When a Izaya (Durarara!!) figure was up for pre-order some week ago I couldn't fight the urge not to order. Hoping for a matching Shizuo!

Note: As I'm writing this, Tokyo Game Show is still ongoing, which means there will probably be a lot of new announcements and new games to come!


Rin said...

That Three Kingdoms game from Otomate is Jyuza Engi, and if you're familiar with the characters.. the heroine is Guan Yu. They HAVE to make her strong, it'd be so sad to see a weak Guan Yu LOL. Also, same here.. not interested in Gekka Ryouran at all while everyone around me are busy fangirling over it. ._.

Yumii said...

Ah, thank you for the information! I know somewhat about the Three Kingdoms, but not enough to know the characters etc.

When looking through Gekka Ryouran character profiles they all gave me some kind of...yandere/rapist vibe? Even the shota-character looks mean (;´・ω・`)

Rin said...

Yea because Gekka Ryouran's theme is forbidden love. The guys are pros at playing this addicting love game, saying you won't be able to stop once you start. Since there are multiple endings, I'm guessing it's either you make them fall in love with you for real.. or you dancing on their palms up until the end lol.

Mimichii said...

OZMAFIA YES!!!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's excited for this xD I've been waiting for updates for the longest time hahaha :P

Anonymous said...

Just look at it and thanks for OZMAFIA info! I rarely go to the site.. Same as you, I'm not into Gekka Ryouran, because the problem is the art! Their body looks wavy (and so because of it, I always thinks they're transvestite-especially Daria)...!!

Yumii said...

Happy to see someone else hype about it! I'm sure it's gonna be great~

Lol so true! It's that type of game you keep thinking that if it had been 18+ it would've been full of rape.

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