October 7, 2011

First impression: Amnesia

Made by: Otomate 
Genre: Otome, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Summary: You (the heroine) wake up to find a little spirit talking to you. His name is Orion and when he was traveling between different worlds he accidentally bumped into your consciousness, messing up all of your memories and even throwing your existence out of balance. Together you will have to work with Orion to get your memories back and find out who you really are

Note: First impression means I've only finished a few routes and not all the endings. As you will notice in the review, I really loved Amnesia. The only reason I'm not doing all the endings/playing all the characters is because of studies. I also just recently started trying to read VNs only relying on my own Japanese (I use AGTH on the computer) so it takes a lot of time and just finishing one route alone is a big obstacle.

Final Score:
Story 9/10
Amnesia is that kind of game that really pulls you into the story. It might be because the heroine doesn't talk very much (so it feels like you really are the main character yourself) or simply because it's pretty damn well written. The characters are all very interesting and there is always suspense in the air, making you wanting to keep reading.

Shin was my first pick and I finished his happy ending pretty quick. His route is also got the most mystery-theme to it and out of all the ones I read his was the best. In his story, the heroine and Orion wakes up in a hospital, covered in bandages. They panic when Shin comes into the room, telling her to hurry up and get changed since the taxi is here. The heroine tries to make up excuses for seeming lost, but after failing to even guess her boyfriends name, she admits her amnesia.

Shin can seem like a cold guy at first and I had trouble understanding what he said at times because of his monotone voice. He is also pretty harsh and sometimes rude to the girl, but after playing his route it's obvious he is doing it for her sake.

So Shin turns out to be your osananajimi and boyfriend. The reason the heroine was in the hospital was because of an accident, which Shin blames is his fault. The two of them, together with the rest of the main characters were staying in a cabin in the forest over the weekend. The heroine fell down a cliff when playing around in the dark forest one night, but as the story progress it turns out there might have been a culprit behind the accident. Shin promise he will protect her, and tells her not to trust anyone, but can she even trust herself when not all of her memories are back yet?
Music 10/10
Background music is always important, and in a mystery game like Amnesia it's more important than ever. I honestly loved every single track in the game, even the darker/scary ones. MANYO (Little Wing) got samples on the website in case you want to check it out. 

Art 10/10
花邑まい is the creator or this beautiful art. The character designs got a fantasy-like appeal, both the guys and girls are really sexy/cute but the thing I like most got to be the color palette. The sprites also blink, move their mouth and got lots of close-ups without being pixel-ish which was a huge plus for me. The backgrounds were all faded into one color, which made the character stood out even more.

Voices 8/10
Kakihara Tetsuya is the seiyuu for Shin and as I mentioned above I got some problems while reading his route. After getting some hours in I got used to it though and his voice when he turns dere-dere is really cute~

Total: 9/10
Amnesia is really a great game that dares to stand out. Beautiful art, deep characters and well-written plot all in one game is pretty hard to find these days. The dark mystery theme is not for everyone though and romance isn't really the focus in any of the routes. If your up for some mystery, drama and dark secrets, Amnesia is your game.


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