October 8, 2011

Otome & BL news 8/10 *Updated*

A company named Straight is currently working on a 18+ PC game named Kimi ga Tame, Koishi Midareshi Tsuki no Hana (Picture on the left). The heroine looks really cute and I'm looking forward to hearing more about it.

Rejet announced a new game called Black Wolves Saga, using the same artist the did for Gekka Ryouran Romance. No rating or station have been announced, but it looks pretty dark to me, so maybe 15/18+?
The game is about Fiona, a princess locked up in a tower, until she one day meets a wolf on the run. She escapes together with him and their adventure begins. Thanks to Rin for the translation~

A game that has been on everyones lips lately is Beyond time - fix the time arrows. The site is being updated very often, adding more informations and goodies as the days go by. The game is planned for PS3 and PSP 12/1 2012. My only question is if there will be any actual gameplay?

Starry Sky - After Winter have been changed from it's set release date to TBA for unknown reasons.

Horror and thriller BL game Shingakkou – Noli me tangere is getting a fandisk called Shingakkou - Noli me tangere ~ The gift.

Another game which is also getting a fandisk is Rewrite, Rewrite - Harvest festa!

Omerta is getting a re-release with new skip functions and fix some bugs. I'm not sure if they will add any new story or CG, but the new cover art alone makes me want to buy the game again.

Sanctuary recently released a PV for the Miyako fandisk, you can watch it here

Utapri creators Broccoli is releasing a new game called Koisentai LOVE & PEACE. Super hero theme sounds fun, but I'm not liking the designs of the guys.

Otomate is porting more mobile games to PSP, this time it's Kimi Kare.Which boyfriend do you want?

Last but not least, DMMD got a big update, including wallpapers, character data and CG. I really love Aoba in this picture.

Omerta is releasing 3 new drama CDs; first one is with TachibanaxJJ, second one is LukaxJJ and the last one is JJxKiryuu.

The Amnesia poll was (to my surprise) won by Toma. I guess japanese girls really love yandere guys? Here is his special illustration for winning the poll.

So I got Cool-B magazine this month, and thought I might as well write about some of the content.
Big feature on Mebiusline, both the announcment of seiyuus (you can check the website) and a very distracting picture of Iori licking the wounds of the main character. I'm not really into blood-fetish so I didn't really get it, but I'm sure it's very popular with some people ^^;

Nitro+Chirals DMMD also announced their cast (once again, check their website if you're interested). Some new CGs were promised but it turns out to be...a gang rape picture. Three random guys holding Aoba down and pulling off his clothes, and I really hope this is some bad route ending or else I'm gonna be pissed.

Beside from that, a new CG from upcoming otome game PersonA was included. This as well turned out to be a rape picture where the prince-like type of character is pinning the girl down the bed. Honestly, why can't we have a 18+ otome game without rape? It's ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

Haha, the big update with Mebius Line and DMMd (... I think?) was the fact that they got some in-game events samples XD I haven't read them all (yet) due to time constraint and err, rather not spoil myself before the game is released so I can't give details~

On a side note, this month's Cool-B's pinup (or Graveur, whatever C-B wants to call it lol) MVP must be OZMAFIA's. That cuteness overload even defeats Sarachi Yomi's sexy zettai ryouki Felicita between Luca and Jolly pinup poster from last month's Girl's Style *A*

Yumii said...

Ah that's true. I just got so surprised when I opened the page and some random guys were pinning Aoba to the ground :/ But the picture with Noise and him eating a pretzel was cute though.

Hmm I'm not sure which pinup you mean...The double spread picture on OZMAFIA with Fuka holding hands with Scarlet and So?

Sorry if I misunderstood, got a little confused

Anonymous said...

Well, it's pretty obvious that CG is the prelude to erm, well you know~ Though I doubt N+C will go into that way... Or not. *prays no bad ED with group rape ;____;* And yes, that picture was really cute~ Though I admit I stared too much at the CG that shows Koujaku's back キリッ!

Indeed that was it :3 And no need to be sorry, I was the one with... Rather vague description as well too fangirly orz But that OZMAFIA picture. So. Cute. And the little story on the texts, I just went >~ < at how both Fuuka and So are so 'my pace' and how Scarlet is just so tsundere and (sikritly) feel ignored~~ "... Well if it's only 5 minutes." <3

Inb4, it's pretty much under my preorder list :D (Funnily though, design-wise and everything, Caesar should be my favourite... But I was on the verge of

Anonymous said...

Boo, the comment got cut :( sorry for the double post m(_ _)m

"... But I was on the verge of 萌え萌えing at the (currently) shortest male, Scarlet this time XD"

Yumii said...

Yeah I thought so too, then I remembered some of the bad endings in Sweet Pool *shudders*.

Scarlet is probably my favorite judging from the impression I got after reading the stories and info~ I just love his character design and it's such a clever twist to the little red riding hood. Plus, short tsundere guys are always fun~

Only thing I'm confused over is if Caesar and So are supposed to be from fairytales too? (If so, which one?)

Anonymous said...

The little--- err, I mean Scarlet's even more sweet twist is that despite toting a sniper rifle and a Magnum (... Srsly? A MAGNUM?! @o@) is that he actually despise violence~ It's pretty much a d'aww for me~ I want a little bro like him! ;-;

Hm, I won't say So and Caesar are representative of any specific fairytales (as far as my fairy tale fangirl is concerned), however I do think that the 'Wolfgang' group's name is derived from Germanic roots. Perhaps it is supposed to represent the overall Germanic "Marchen" atmosphere? Either that or it is derived from one of Grimm's mythology name interpretation... わからんス(´・ω・`)

/fairy tale nerding orz

Usagi said...

Kimi Ga Tame and Black Wolves Saga looks alluring, looking forward to the releases. (* - *)

What's with all the rape CGs they're putting up LOL? Aoba getting gang-raped doesn't sounds good to me. And what's a Mirai game without rape? (Well okay not all but most of their games seem to have rape included)

Can't wait for the Omerta CDs! ♥

Yumii said...

I know right? The Drama CDs are gonna be awesome~ Did you play Omerta too? Who is your favorite character? :3

Usagi said...

I haven't finished it though. Still in the middle of it since other games are kinda cockblocking. xDD

JJ, AZUSA AND KIRYUU. 8D Sorry I'm hopelessly in love with them. xD Who's yours?

Yumii said...

Lol I know that feel. Hmm, I liked Azusa (Kitty ears~), Kiryuu (so f*king adorable when blushing), Ugajin (because he's a delicious M). I also liked Luka but only if it's a triangle with Kiryuu. This http://koori-no-kokoro.livejournal.com/155420.html comic is to blame for that!

Usagi said...

Gosh the comic. (o . 0);; 3P lmfao, if only they actually have this in the game (other than the Ugajin/JJ/Liu Jen sandwich). x'DD And I agree, Kiryuu's so damn adorable! ♥

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