October 25, 2011

Otome & BL news 25/10

 Koisentai LOVE & PEACE was recently updated and aside from the superhero theme, the main characters are all power rangers. Will it beat Hotokenser or end up being a cheap copy?

Hanaoni ~Yume no Tsuzuki~ Fandisc and a new game called Issyo ni gohan announced by Otomate. The last mentioned is adapted from a Drama CD about a bunch of guys running a apartment dinner show (I think?). The guys all look pretty nice and it's nice to have a change from the regular school-themed visual novels. Plus, I love cooking!

Getting ported to PSP is Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama ~Snow Bride~. I loved the first game and read the beginning of Snow Bride, so I'm really looking forward to see what they add in the port.

Karin Entertainment opened a new "mystery site", currently under construction. News have leaked and apparently it's a Sherlock Holmes otome game for PSP! Right now it's under the name Eikoku tantei mysteria (The British detective mystery) but I'm not sure if it's the official name or not. The heroine, Emily, is ridiculous cute and the black haired man is confirmed to be Holmes Jr.  Watson looks really handsome too and I love the suspenders and the bag over the shoulder. I'm getting way too excited about this orz . Check out the site here.

Following the detective theme is a spin-off game of the popular VitaminX series. VitaminX Detective B6 will be out for PSP sometime during 2012.

Quinrose is as usual making new games at a frightening pace, and this week they announced yet another fairytale-themed game. Cinderella when the clock hits 12 ~Halloween Wedding~ (Unsure how to translate the title. Cinderella at midnight (12 o'clock) might be more correct) is the classic story with a halloween twist to it. To be released in 2012.

OZMAFIA announced another new character in this month B's LOG who became an instant favorite of mine. He is a purple haired cat-eared knight-like character with ponytail and a tsundere/easily embarrassed to boot! I think his name is Aen (Aien? Ein?). Either way, I'm sure they add him to the website soon.

A big double spread with characters made by the artist from Kuro to Kin no Hirakanai Kagi (Shiraha Makamome) was also included in the magazine. It doesn't say anything except "Hana Awase". Little Cheese haven't any information so I guess we just have to wait and see. The picture features 2 siblings, both beautiful drawn, even if the girl reminds me of Kuro to Kin's heroine except with short hair. Very gothic and dark theme once again.

I haven't been so interested in the soon to be released Miss Princess for DS, but after reading the article and watching the trailer, I'm kind of curious. The game got some cute mini-games like playing piano and horseback riding. The story is about a tomboy trying to win a model competition called "Miss Princess". If you feel like playing something super-sugary and so cliché it makes you laugh (in a positive way) I'd say this is your game.

Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd Story is getting ported to PSP with the word "Premium" added in the title.

Finally arriving in stores is these sexy Togainu no Chi figures. Akira sure looks sexy with his rough look and low pants while Shiki always pulls off an elegant and dangerous vibe. Hurry up and pre-order before they are gone!

Want to show off how much you love UtaPri? These super cute chibi rubber straps are now up for pre-order. I actually put an order myself, hoping to get either Otoya or Masa orz

Harada Sanosuke from Hakuouki is getting a 1/10 figure. You can see sneak peak pictures here. Love all the details!

Wand of Fortune 2 is getting a Drama CD with new scenarios next month. As expected, the cover art is absolutely stunning.

Tomorrow is the release date of the first pre-song CD feauturing new characters from UtaPri Debut! I'm really looking forward to both Utapri Music and Debut so I'm hoping they won't let me down~

I also want to apologize for not writing any proper reviews lately. I've been listening to a lot of Drama CDs and reading manga instead (Remember to stay away from Yandere Heaven if you want to be able to sleep =_=). On the game front I've been re-playing UtaPri and getting all the normal endings with the guys.


Celestie Sara said...

B-but Yandere Heaven...you have no idea how I look forward to the day I understand enough Japanese to listen to them. *is shot* Uh, yeah, I have an unhealthy liking to yandere. In fiction. ONLY in fiction, thank you very much xD

Ahh, that Sherlock Holmes-themed game looks awesome~ Is Famiglia Arcana out already? *lazy to chekc out xD*

And thanks for the short sweet breakdown of what is there to look out for for now~

Anonymous said...

Rather than Miss Princess, I'm more interested in Fab Style (the art looks similar to FF than just a fashion games and can choose guy here). I'm excited about 12 ji no Kane to Cinderella & OZMAFIA.

Yumii said...

@Celestie Sara
Tomorrow! Famiglia Arcana is out tomorrow! :)
You'll get the hang of Japanese eventually, just hang in there~

I'm really looking forward to FabStyle too (I played Style Boutique way too much for my own good). Hopefully it will be even better!

Usagi said...

Koisentai better be good. Since UtaPri is a hit, I hope they don't disappoint us with a cheap copy.

That Sherlock Holmes otome game looks good. Love the bishies and heroine designs! Although the heroine kinda looks like a loli...anyhow, looking forward to it's release! (* v *)

I haven't listened to Yandere Heaven yet but is it that scary? o: If anything, I think Osananajimi No Kare is a lot more worse. ;;;; ||orz

Yumii said...

I saw some new scans for the detective game and just like you said, the heroine is super short.

Yandere Heaven is a 6 out of 10 I would say.
I listened to the first one with Kaji Yuuki and now I can't watch any anime with him in it without starting to think about it ;_;

Osananajimi No Kare is pretty new right? The one with Yura doing the cover art? I thought it was an all exclusive for some convention? OwO

Usagi said...

Yup, that one. xD Well I don't know if it's all exclusive or something but I think it's available for download. It's an otome CD about your boyfriend and is split into two routes. Apparently it has given not less of people nightmares about it...

Yumii said...

I actually gave the dark version a go after you mentioned it and I thought it was pretty scary...in a good way? orz

Sure, I almost started crying when he turned yandere for the first time, said I couldn't go home and started going psycho until the heroine kicked/punched him and ran away, but it was really exciting and intriguing to listen to (compared to some of the KissxKiss CDs I've been hearing lately, where it's the same "boy meets girl" every single time. Bores me to death)

I thought it was pretty nice for being an R-18 CD too, since I haven't come across many of those that aren't based on a 18+ otome game.

It's pretty rare for me to say this actually,
since I usually hate yandere characters, but he seemed like a pretty nice guy (sounds weird, I know) and actually admitting that you're a crazy stalker yandere takes a lot of courage (´・ω・`) He know it was wrong, he just couldn't help it.

Anonymous said...

WAAAAH That tsundere from OZMAFIA LOOKS AWESOME. I can see the instant like = w =.
Just a question, what are the appendixes that you can get with this month's B's Log?

Yumii said...

This month is UtaPri special so you get a big poster of the guys, a UtaPri Debut booklet with info and preview of the game, a Starry Sky After Winter special card with the new Drama CD illustration on the back and Girl's Side Premium ~3rd Story~ speical.

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