December 1, 2011

New otome game announcments 1/12

 With 2012 just around the corner a lot of companies are announcing their new titles for the next year. These are just some of the news that popped up last week...

Otomate and Rejet have started working together on two new projects.

First is already known Black Wolves Saga which will be split in two parts. A PC version named Bloody Nightmare (by Rejet), which will focus the dark and gothic theme of the game, and a PSP version,  Last Hope (by Otomate), which will be much more romantic and have a "true love" feeling to it. Which one do you prefer?

I really recommend watching the trailer on the website, not only to get a glimpse of whats to come, but because the music is absolutely amazing. I simply must have the OST when it's released.

The second project is a vampire themed game called Diabolik lovers. If I understood right, it's currently being released as six different Drama CDs, and if they sell well a game will be made. The character designs looks very interesting and the coloring is super, so I really hope they decide to make a VN out of it.

Rejet alone announced a collaboration with Ninomiya Ai (famous writer for Are you Alice?) called Tiny x Machinegun. There will be both a game and several Drama CDs released. From the trailer it looks like it will be comic-style text, just like Arcana, and the song gave me major Lucky Dog 1 flashbacks. The story takes place in NY where policewoman Tiny (blond girl in the middle) is trying to find the criminal who attempted to kill the mayor. Tiny is voiced by Tamura Yukari, which is a big big plus for me since almost no otome game (except 18+ ones) have voiced heroine.

 Note that there might be a chance or yuri route with the girl on the left, as the had a scene with her saying "I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right".

Back to otomate who are porting the Hetalia Gakuen to DS and Armen Noir to PSP. I remember reading reviews for Armen Noir and how most of the characters died.
Hopefully they'll add some new routes so the fans finally can get a happy ending (´・ω・`)

Little Cheese, creators of rapefest/siscon/yandere game KuroKin, are making a new 18+ game called Trick or Alice. Official website will open in a few days but I can't say I'm excited. The promotion pictures are cute and from the looks of it they hired a new artist, but somewhere back in my head the rape-alarm is screaming like crazy. I'll have to wait and see some more content before I make up my mind.

I'll do a another game update after I get new Cool-B and Girl's style magazine. Remember that these are just the ones announced last week, so I'm sure we'll get even more good upcoming titles~


Anonymous said...

I'm super interested in Tiny x Machinegun because of the voiced heroine. My first thoughts were "HELL YES" when I saw that and then when I read your post about how there might be a chance of yuri.. my thoughts were "HELL NO" lmao. I don't know if I can handle another yuri route ;A;.

I can count on one hand games with voiced heroines that are non-18+ haha. Shinigami to Shoujo and Zettai Meikyuu Grimm xD;.

Yumii said...

TM looks like just my type of game, and seeing how it seems similar to Arcana Family with the strong, short heroine (and twintails even) I'm getting really hyped! I don't mind the yuri but the woman on the left looks a little to old (?) to be paired up with Tiny.

I didn't know Zettai Meikyuu Grimm was voiced! Damn, now I just have to order the PC version.

Usagi said...

Are you planning to play Black Wolves Saga? I think I'm gonna settle on Bloody Nightmare. What about you? xD /curious.

Omg glad to know I wasn't the only one who think of "RAPE" after seeing the promotional picture for Trick Or Alice. I think the game's gonna be darker than Kuro To Kin and seeing how their previous game had lots of rape in the bad endings...(・ω・`)...yea we'll see how it goes though.

Excited for Tiny x Machinegun anywho. 8D

Yumii said...

I'm definitely planning on playing BWS! Right now I feel like I can play either one, but I want to see just HOW crazy-loved themed the PC version is. If it turns out like Akazukin where there is cannibalism endings where the wolves (literally) eat her, no way.
I'm a sucker for sad and bittersweet endings, but if it goes in that direction, not a chance.

At first I was excited since the art for Trick or Alice looks much more happy and fluffy, but when reading it was a 18+ game I gave up a bit. Like you said, only time will tell. Maybe they hired new writers as well? Just because they made one rape game the others don't have to be the same...right? OwO

Tiny is going to be great! I'm sure of it! :)

Anonymous said...

Hiyo is writing the story for Cheese's game and she loves rape o rama so yea it's guaranteed...possibly in almost every route.

Yumii said...

Crap. I was hoping maybe they got someone new. Just...feels like such a waste of potential -_-

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