December 7, 2011

Special: One year celebration ~Prize giveaway~

It's already been a year since I posted that badly written Starry Sky ~in Spring~ review last November.

This last year have been extremely fun and I've learned a ton of Japanese, all while gaining some new friends online and fangirling together with y'all.

As a thank you for all the visitors who keeps coming back and all the amazing otome VN blogs which I am very inspired by, I decided to have a little gift giveaway!

Prize: Dengeki Girl's Style Magazine 2012 January Number.
(Might change)

Just leave a comment with your name (Do not need to be your real name) and your email. I'll put all the comments under moderation so it's impossible for anyone besides me to see it.

Closing date: 11th December 2011

I'll pick a lucky winner by random and post the result here by next week.

Since the time is very short, feel free to spread the word around to other otome/VN bloggers and people. Goodluck~